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Hotel & Corporate Pick-Up & Delivery

Summer Creek Cleaners conveniently offers garment Pick-Up and Delivery for our local Hotel & Corporate accounts. Summer Creek Cleaners Pick-Up & Delivery service is unmatched by our competitors with regard to convenience and price. This is just one more way Summer Creek Cleaners provides the finest experience for our customers.

Please read the following list of services and terms associated with Summer Creek Cleaners Pick-Up & Delivery service:

  • All orders must be prepaid using a credit or debit card kept on file with Summer Creek Cleaners.
  • Perhaps you prefer to use only the Pick-Up part of the service, or only the Delivery part of the service. That is fine with us. The terms governing whether the service is free or includes the nominal fee remain the same.
  • Days for Pick-Up & Delivery are Tuesday afternoon, Thursday afternoon, and Saturday morning. We offer guaranteed service on Saturday morning in case leaving your cleaned hanging clothes unattended is not convenient. So allow us to Pick-Up on Tuesday or Thursday, and be home for Delivery on Saturday.
  • Summer Creek Cleaners offers Folded & Boxed service, eliminating the need for hangers. The nominal fee for this service is $1.00 per garment.
  • In order to receive next day delivery according to our schedule, clothes dropped off at our store must be received no later than 10:00 A.M. the day prior to our delivery day.
  • We prefer to Pick-Up & Deliver at your front door, but if you do not have pets in the yard we can use the back or side entrance. Some customers prefer we use the garage and give us the code for entry.
  • Summer Creek Cleaners assumes no financial responsibility for lost or damaged garments. Upon request, we offer to send a TEXT Message to your cell phone letting you know your garments have been picked up or delivered.
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